Vladimir & Anton


Slovakian brothers Vladimir and Anton share more than just great musical genes - they are equal masters of the classical violin and have been thrilling audiences as a duo for almost 20 years. 

Playing together since they were toddlers, Vladimir and Anton now push their instruments - and each other – to the greatest heights of artistic expression and sweet fraternal harmony performing thrilling violin duels. This is sibling rivalry sound-tracked like you have never heard it before.

The violin was their genetic birthright as sons of a virtuoso Russian violinist / conductor father and an acclaimed violinist grandfather. Their rare musical gift was nurtured in a family of six musical children and they both studied the instrument and music theory at the Conservatoire in Bratislava. 

This rigorous daily discipline was not for Vladimir however, and he left for Ireland in 2004, where he soon established himself as one of the brightest young stars on the Irish classical music scene. Concerts and recordings document his love of both Viennese music and contemporary pop / crossover. 

The younger Anton meanwhile is completing his Masters degree in musical performance at the Conservatorio della Svizzera Italiana in Lugano.  Paradoxically it was Anton, and not the rebel Vladimir, who developed an astonishing flair for improvisation.  And thus evolved a fresh, intoxicating contrast between the younger maestro’s inventive playing with his brother's assured mastery and classic touch. 

As the unstoppable force meets its immovable object, Vladimir and Anton have returned to explore their own musical culture and heritage.  The synergy between these siblings has led them to re-energize some of most popular pieces by great Russian composers including Shostakovitch, Rimsky-Korsakov and Prokofiev, as well as celebrating the rich Russian history of folk and gypsy melodies with such enduring favourites as ‘Dark Eyes’, ‘Kalinka’, ‘Dark Is The Night’ and ‘Meadowlands (Polyushko-polye)’.