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Co. Dublin, Ireland.
Phone: +353 1 2841747


Music Manager 
Roger Quail

Label Manager 
Eoin Aherne

Niall Muckian

Demo Submission Policy

Please read the following before submitting a demo or emailing anyone at Rubyworks regarding a recording contract.

We accept and listen to all demos.  There are a few simple steps you can follow which will aid in the demo being considered.

We like online links to music - Soundcloud is good.  A youtube video also works.

We like to see that you have a website or facebook page or tumblr or whatever online presence works for you.

Have a good long think and send what you think are your three best songs.   We can always ask for more.

One last thing - we like to see activity.  We like bands and artists who are working, who are out playing gigs and constantly writing and working on new music.  It takes time to find a sound for yourself and to develop as a musician.  Do not send the first song that you have recorded, there will be much better to come.    

If you have read the above and would like to submit a demo please email eoin(at) with a link to a track streaming online.  Do not email photos, mp3s, wavs, dropbox folders or anything like that.  Do include a link to your website / facebook page as well.  

We are sorry but we cannot reply to all submissions.