Otherkin - #2 Album

Otherkin's Debut Album OK debuted at no.2 in the Irish Album charts.

In an evermore-complex world, defined increasingly by catastrophe and despair, Otherkin’s debut album ‘OK’ is a lifeline. A short, sharp shock to the system, it’s a debut that thrives on the no-frills, all-thrills escapism offered by four-to-the-floor punk rock, and the gang mentality of Brit-rock’s finest.

The Otherkin cocktail is a mish-mash of guitar music’s greats.  The four-piece’s common ground is a love of great, impactful song-writing.  A fast, furious, foot-to-the-floor ride through modern day anxieties, it opens with ‘Treat Me So Bad’, an “acerbic take on betrayal, and being fucked over by somebody,” Luke says. From there on out, it’s a relatable take down of life’s various woes - ‘Ay Ay’ finds the group disillusioned with the music industry’s corporate side, while ’89’ is an ode to the positive influence of De La Soul’s ‘3 Feet High and Rising’  Recent single ‘Bad Advice’ is a stomping punk rock classic in waiting. It all winds back down with ‘So So’, an unexpectedly slow and doomy take on betrayal, reminiscent of My Bloody Valentine’s most punishing moments.


Praise for “OK”


The Irish Times - “Just the right amount of attitude and songs stuffed with melody.” ****

The Sunday Times Culture magazine - "It will nail you to the wall, this is one of the most exciting guitar acts in years."

The Irish Independent - “A rip-roaring collection of garage rock songs.”

Classic Rock, UK - “They’ve got all the credentials to attract legions of sweaty pop pickers into their all-inclusive moshpit.” 7/10

Gigslutz, UK - “Otherkin certainly don’t disappoint, delivering 12 razor sharp, refined, yet fittingly raucous, tracks.”

The Last Mixed Tape, Ireland - “A loving homage to everything great about rock ‘n’ roll.”

Q magazine, UK - “Destined for a devoted rock fanbase.”

Sunday Business Post, Ireland - “Otherkin’s music is speed camera bait. Careful out there.” ****